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A Few Photos of the Robot...

Our robot with its belt taken off and little frame.
  • Here the build team is getting the robot sized for bumbers.
Robot with no bumpers no plexy fram and wood holding plexy up.
  • Here the build team is working on the ball holder.
Our robots hopper with ammo, taken from the back.
  • This is the back view of our finished robot.
Top view of the robots hopper with ammo.
  • This is the top view of our finished robot.
Evan working on our robots loader.
  • Here Evan is working on the lift for the ball collecter.
From left to right, Evan Dahlor, Zach Durbin, Ian Mace, and Hunter Mace standing on our robot.
  • A photo of our build team standing around the robot.
The robotics team, at reveal night, standing in off to the side as the robot works its way around grabbing ammo and gears.
  • This is our team presenting our robot to the public.

  • Greater Kansas City Regional: March 15 - March 18 2017

Other Information...

We will try and update this site as we are able to stay up to date with.